Sports are Back, but for how Long with COVID still Around?
Listen to “Mark and Jair Explain Sports” on Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Podcasts! As things currently stand, the MLB and NBA are slated to return…
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As one steps out, another steps in
Listen to the season finale of “Last Call” online! From Armon Owlia: After beginning a section, after completing ten episodes, after everything: it’s time for…
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A Deeper Dive Into Gambling
Listen to this episode of “Mark and Jair Explain Sports” online: This week, Mark and Jair have an inside scoop about the gambling industry from…
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Going “Out With The Tide” in a stylish Jeep
Listen to this episode of “Last Call” online! On Jan. 10, 2020, the day the very first episode of “Last Call” aired to the public,…
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