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Gab Dondici Stops By

Logo Credit: Gabrielle Dondici

Hi homies!

Hope you’re having a solid week three. If you are anything like us, you are putting all of your work and stress to the side for a few weeks. Is it the best decision? Probably not. Will it end up coming back and haunting us around week 6? Most likely. That’s okay. It’s a future us problem.

In this episode, our good friend Gab Dondici “sits down” with us. Our conversation ranges from how we met—throwing back green tea shots in front of our academic advisor—to applying for jobs post-college despite feeling “not good enough.”

This episode is very niche in the sense that we talk about many different things revolving around the communication department, but have no fear! We still talk about the importance of mental health and the struggles of striving to be perfect, so we are still very on-brand.

This episode as a whole was probably one of our very favorite ones to record, so we are so excited for you to hear!

Fridays are for the homies.

Much Love,

Liz and Brandon.

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