Office: Creese Student Center, Room 050

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The Triangle is an independent student organization and is not owned or operated by Drexel University. Organizational decisions are made by an Editorial Board staffed by students, all of whom can be reached through edboard@dev.thetriangle.org.

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History of The Triangle

The Triangle is Drexel University’s student-run editorially and financially independent newspaper. Publishing every other Friday during the normal school year and monthly during the summer term, The Triangle has continually been Drexel students’ source for campus news and voice for opinions.

The Triangle first appeared on campus in February 1926 under the direction of inaugural Editor-in-Chief Thomas T. Mather (’27) and with blessing and partial funding from then-President Kenneth G. Matheson and Drexel Institute’s Board of Trustees. Since then, The Triangle has been staffed by prominent members of the Drexel community, like former President and Myers Hall namesake Harold Myers (Business Manager, ’38), as well as celebrities including Chuck Barris (Columnist, ’53), John Gruber (Editor-in-Chief, ’90) and Albert Boscov (Sports Writer, ’48).

In its most prosperous years, The Triangle has been nationally recognized with several Mark of Excellence awards from the Society of Professional Journalists in Editorial Writing, General Column Writing, and Sports Column Writing. The Triangle is also an accredited member of the Associated Collegiate Press and has won two National Pacemaker Awards.

With Drexel being the first university to require incoming students to have computers, The Triangle’s first online edition appeared in the mid-1990s and was instantly available to all students. Originally hosted on a staff member’s computer, thetriangle.org became a portal for Drexel students to not only read the newspaper in a convenient online format, but to connect with one another in the age before social media.

Today’s website offers all the content you’d find in our print edition, but also includes interactive art-directed features, podcasts, videos, archives, and other content that doesn’t fit in the traditional print medium.

Being independent from the University, all decisions regarding content and the paper’s growth are made by the Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board. The Triangle is currently home to over 70 student staff members who work year-round to produce professional-quality content with the aim of keeping Drexel students informed on the topics of news, arts and entertainment, and sports.

Special Edition Issues

Throughout the year we produce many special edition issues. These issues usually have increased circulation and are a great opportunity for advertisers to reach more of the Drexel community than a regular issue. Some of the issues include:

Welcome Week – Published the week before fall classes start to welcome new students into the Drexel community.

The Rectangle – A full broadsheet issue that is released for April Fool’s Day. It features joke articles, reviews and commentaries to coincide with the holiday. The Triangle has been producing yearly jokes issues since 1941 – read all about them on Drexel Now. To view our most recent issues online, visit therectangle.org.