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Paris, I Love You | The Triangle

Paris, I Love You

It’s another episode of “You, Me, Buscemi!” Last week, we watched one of Buscemi’s earlier works, “Parting Glances.” It was rife with ’80s cliches, passion and Steve Buscemi. It was certainly not what we were expecting, but it was decent nonetheless. It was nice to see Buscemi in more of a leading role, even though certain aspects of the plot were disappointing.

This week, we sat down and watched the film “Paris, I Love You. The film is an anthology-style love letter to Paris, with nearly 20 different short films all strung together to show love and lust in Paris. We really only focused on Buscemi’s film, a 10-minute short directed by the Coen brothers.

In the short, Buscemi manages to convey so much by saying so little. He actually has zero lines, which we mentioned is really a tell-tale sign of an excellent actor! His character was similar to most of his others: a man out of his element, a little pathetic but in a loveable way. We enjoyed the short, and the concept of the film as a whole gave us plenty to talk about.

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