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Tattoos and Vax Stories

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Hi homies!

Week 6 is finally over! Ain’t that something?

Last week, we brought you President John Fry. This week, we bring you our tattoo adventure and our vaccination horror stories, haha! Yes, that’s right. We got tattoos just for your listening pleasure…the things we do for you, our loyal listeners. To be fair, we had already planned on getting tattoos, but documenting our experience for you just seems like second nature at this point!

Our tattoo adventures will surely make you laugh as it made us laugh…and cringe recording it. We also share with you the process we went through to get our vaccines and explain to you just how gnarly we felt the day after getting that second dose of that sweet Pfizer.

We only have a few more episodes left until we say our final “see you later homies,” but that’s okay, because nothing is ever completely over. Stay tuned!

Much Love,

Liz and Brandon.

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