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Ghost World

Welcome back to another episode of “You, Me, Buscemi!” Thanks for tuning in. We hope you enjoyed our last episode where we talked about “The Big Lebowski.” We discussed the possibility that perhaps the film is really one for the girls.

This week, we’ll be watching the film “Ghost World” starring Scarlett Johanson, Thora Birch and—of course—Steve Buscemi. “Ghost World” follows two girls navigating new relationships and the responsibilities of adulthood in the wake of their high school graduation.

Thankfully, Buscemi was in more than 15 minutes of this film, which has not been the case in previous episodes. We both had pretty mixed opinions about the film, but it was clear that Buscemi carried the performance. The film was fun and esoteric; it just required a lot of patience to understand the characters. For our “Game Time” segment this week, we speculated what a romantic evening planned by Buscemi’s character, Seymour, would look like. Both answers were very colorful and perhaps a tad too detailed, but that’s the fun of “You, Me, Buscemi!”

Thank you again for listening, we really hope you enjoyed the episode. You can listen on Spotify and Apple Music, or really anywhere you listen to podcasts. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @youmebuscemi!

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