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Am I The Jerk? Part 2

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Welcome back, everyone! Week 8 has come to an end already, can you believe it? I feel like It was just yesterday where we were struggling to get past week 1.

This week, we bring back a fan favorite from season 2! If you recall, Am I The Jerk is when we deep dive into the “Am The A******” thread on Reddit and find the best stories to read to one another. From there we give the deliberation if the person in the story is truly the “jerk.”

In this episode, we read threads ranging from mothers who were too sick to partake in their own daughter’s wedding, to children who refuse to acknowledge their half-siblings (yep…we go there).

This is our second to last episode and while we are excited for you all to hear this episode as well as our final episode, it is bittersweet for both of us. We hope you enjoy this episode and we hope you come back in week 10 for our final goodbye.

Remember, Fridays are for the homies.

Much love,

Liz & Brandon

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