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Our Psychic Experience

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Hi Homies!

Welcome back! It feels like it’s been forever since we finished up the second season, but it’s only been three weeks. Some people use their spring break to go out and have fun. Others use it to catch up on reading. What did we do? We spent our spring break (if you could call it that—it was more like a free trial) editing podcasts. The things we do for you all.

In this premiere episode, Liz and Brandon went to a psychic in Rittenhouse and had their palms read. Although recording was not allowed during the session, we were very sure to take detailed mental notes. The experience was quite interesting to say the least, and we both got something out of it. Some of us, mainly Brandon, left more shook than others.

Besides us telling you about our experience with the palm reader, we also stick to our brand and go off on side tangents about roommate dilemmas and our lack of faith in relationships. It would not be an episode of “Ain’t That Something” without a proper venting session, anyways!

This is our premier episode to our farewell season, as Brandon is graduating. It’s okay, though; we have a theme of “full send” this season, and our show is filled with very special guests and activities, so stay tuned!

Much love and thank you for the continued support.

Liz & Brandon.

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