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Worldly terroirs vary by taste, aroma
Chardonnay was the first wine I fell in love with. It was simple, just fruity enough, easy to drink and didn’t leave a stain if…
8 years ago • By
Portuguese wines combine elegance and affordability
Portuguese wines use a blend of indigenous grapes which lends each wine a distinctive aroma and flavor. Winemakers in Portugal have recently began creating sophisticated…
9 years ago • By
When it comes to wine, mother always knows best
What does a 51-year-old woman have in common with her 21-year-old daughter? More than you’d think. At least when it comes to wine. Prior to…
9 years ago • By
Underappreciated torrontes wine pushes boundaries
Many newcomers to wine aren’t incredibly aware of the wines of Argentina. If you do happen to know anything about them at all, the first…
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