‘Never Have I Ever’ is worth a watch
Netflix’s “Never Have I Ever,” starring newcomer Meitreyi Ramakrishnan as a high school sophomore looking to reinvent herself after her father’s death. The show, created…
2 years ago • By
Networks team up for ‘One World: Together at Home’ special
While many artists are singing from their mansions and speaking about how we’re all in this together, other artists are putting their voice and impact…
3 years ago • By
‘Normal People’ stays true to its name – and there lies its brilliance
On April 29, Hulu dropped the new drama series “Normal People.” A co-production with BBC, “Normal People” is an adaptation of the best-selling 2018 novel…
3 years ago • By
‘Devs’ proposes an intriguing concept bogged down by length
“Devs” was the first series to debut as part of the new partnership between the streaming platform Hulu and television network FX. It is a…
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