The best and worst Billboard hits of 2022
The Billboard tracking year for 2022 is officially over. This means that the year-end chart of the biggest hits can be accurately predicted based on…
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‘Booksmart’ to ‘Knives Out’ to ‘Toy Story 4’: our fave movies of 2019
25. “Shazam!” DC has finally figured out what it was doing with its live-action movies. After the success of “Wonder Woman” and the disastrous “Justice…
James Blake to Sigrid to Ariana: our fave albums of 2019
25. “Wasteland, Baby” — Hozier Hozier just loves making songs that hurt our hearts. Maybe it’s his crooning, powerfully raw voice that swoops through his…
Triangle Treasures: February 2019
This is a place where we gather up the pieces of pop culture we’ve been thinking about and feel the need to share. New or…
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Dec. 7, 2018
Dec. 7, 2018
Nov. 30, 2018
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