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Triangle Treasures: November 2018

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This is a place where we gather up the pieces of pop culture we’ve been thinking about and feel the need to share. New or old, popular or waiting to be discovered. Here is what you should check out in November.

Music: “Everything You Know Is Changing But It’ll Pass” by Spark Alaska

A relatively obscure artist in Spark Alaska is a hidden gem for the acoustic indie-goers and the general public alike. These simpler, seemingly stripped songs have deep resonance with childhood memories, as hinted at by the album cover. There is something for everyone to take away from a listen, as growing pains are something we all experience and deal with, and the coming of age motif of the record is powerful yet poignant.

Music: “Pieces of a Man” by Mick Jenkins

After one listen, “Pieces of a Man” is already a favorite of the year. Mick Jenkins’ smooth and thoughtful vocals blend perfectly with production from Black Milk, Kaytranada, BadBadNotGood and others.

Music: “This Album Does Not Exist” by Dreamers

New York pop rock trio Dreamers made a big impression when they dropped their debut album back in 2016. Though they’ve followed the project up with some EPs since, the album still resonates today with tracks like “Painkiller” and “Shooting Shadows” being just as catchy two years later.

Podcast: “Table Manners with Jessie Ware”

In this podcast, singer Jessie Ware invites celebrities to dinner with her and her mother. They talk career, food, family and of course table manners. The banter between Jessie Ware and her mother would be enough to entertain, but the celebrity guests (Ed Sheeran, Daniel Kaluuya, Randy Jackson, etc.) are great too.

Movie: “Creep”

I stumbled upon “Creep,” a found-footage film from 2014 about a man who asks a videographer to document his last days before dying of brain cancer, after browsing Netflix late at night. The short film keeps you on your toes the entire time, and lives up to its name.

Television: “Schitt’s Creek”

This Canadian sitcom recently dropped its fourth season on Netflix. It follows a rich family falling from their pedestal and having to move in to the town of Schitt’s Creek which the father bought for the son as a joke years before. The show is hilarious and draws you in with the grating yet endearing characters.