‘God of War’ makes rewarding changes to formula
“Truth is rarely so pretty as myth and legend.” This quote from “God of War” has been particularly poignant across my journey with the game,…
8 months ago • By
‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ has its ups, downs, lefts, rights
What do you get when you combine an acclaimed fighting game developer and one of the biggest anime franchises of all time? The product is…
11 months ago • By
Best new game: ‘Cuphead’ combines challenging gameplay with retro visuals
Run-and-gun platform game “Cuphead” has had high expectations since it was revealed all the way back at E3 in 2014. The unique art style drew…
1 year ago • By
‘Crash’ reboot combines classic gameplay with updated graphics
Sean The Bandicoot is back. Everyone’s favorite cocky ’90s gaming mascot returns for the first time in about a decade in the “Crash Bandicoot N.…
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