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TKE Fraternity returns to campus after suspension

The Alpha Tau Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity was officially reinstated and opened to housing brothers at Drexel University on Nov. 4.

Previously, the chapter was reopened as an “expansion group” in Jan. 2022 according to Noah Apteker, the current president of TKE.

The temporary suspension of TKE was placed in May 2017, according to an official statement from Drexel University to The Triangle: “The Alpha Tau Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity has been sanctioned through the University’s Student Conduct process for failure to comply with the University’s alcohol policy and regulations with a five-year suspension of recognition. The decision was made after considering the chapter’s risk management deficiencies.”  

A review of TKE’s history on campus prior to the suspension can be found in a previous article from The Triangle.

According to Apteker, “the issue emerged in 2017, [and] along with the members involved at the time, are now firmly in the past.”

During the suspension, the chapter was required to meet various criteria, including building a membership of at least 40 young men, all of which had to exceed the average GPA of a Drexel student, which was 3.7, according to former president Thomas Scanlin. Additionally, the chapter had to show their ability to provide for the chapter financially.

During the developmental phase of reinstating the chapter, there was no access to the TKE house, instead, they held meetings in the homes of future brothers. Furthermore, all who were involved had no previous experience in Greek life nor had any connections to any other TKE chapters. Despite their challenges, the chapter made their first appearance at Night on the Row, Drexel’s biggest night for recruitment according to former president Thomas Scanlin, where they were able to recruit 14 new brothers, nearly tripling their initial size. 

Their motto, “Better men for a better world” is something they held close to during recruitment, according to both Apteker and Scanlin. 

Due the the infancy of the chapter, the recruitment process is evolving with the chapter. As of now, the recruitment process consists of four to five events where brothers mingle and get to know potenial new members. After these events, the current brothers host a bid dinner where they extend an offer to PNM’s. These offers are only extended to those who stood out during the recruitment process and the current brothers feel would be a good fit for the chapter. Further, new members must comply with anti-hazing policies and prevention of sexual assault and drug use policies provided by Drexel and TKE headquarters.

When asked what has been most exciting about being a part of the reinstatement of this chapter, Apteker said, “Watching the organization go from a random group of guys, to a close brotherhood. Everyone in TKE has become extremely close and we have created so many memories that will last a lifetime.”

TKE’s new positive reputation not only reflects on the chapter, but on Drexel as a whole as they have become more involved with the community. One of TKE’s most exciting events is an annual philanthropy event: a St. Jude fundraiser where Philadelphia Eagles players visit the brothers at the TKE house for a meet and greet. Last year, TKE had the pleasure of having Brandon Graham, the current Philadelphia Eagles defensive end. 

Further, TKE is involved in DragonThon with Drexel Dance Marathon, where students raise money for children with life-threatening illnesses. Specifically, TKE hosts events and fundraisers for their Miracle Kid, Aaron. 

However, there is still concern over the chapter’s reputation.

When asked how the chapter planned on correcting the mistakes made by the brothers in 2017, Scanlin said, “The new body has taken the responsibility of rebranding what it means to be a TKE. With that being said, we have made a huge effort to build healthy relationships with our fellow fraternities and sororities through social and philanthropy events. Additionally, we have worked hard to maintain good standing with IFC by attending events, contributing to the Greek community, and complying with all of their rules and guidelines.” 

Although this chapter has only recently re-opened its doors to new members, TKE Alpha Tau was originally established at Drexel in 1939. 

If you are interested in joining Greek Life or the TKE Alpha Tau chapter, reach out to TKE’s recruitment chair Julian Pittaoulis. The chapter is also reachable on their Instagram @ tke_drexel or at future rush events.