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Street Style

Street Style


by Jennifer Lam

Haven Ogbaselase | Junior | Television Production & Media Management


Wearing: Urban Outfitter black dress and patterned tights, Charlotte Russe heather grey long sleeve shirt, Zara poncho coat, and Forever 21 flats


Q: What is your typical thought process when picking an outfit each morning?


A: My typical thought process when picking an outfit on a good day would be thinking what can transition well from classes to going out with friends or to an event at night. I commute and it isn’t ideal for me to travel back and forth. Also, feeling comfortable is a huge deciding factor and something I can’t sacrifice.


Q: If you could describe your personal style in five words, what would they be?


A: Layering and black work miracles.


Q: What is your current favorite piece in your closet? Why?


A: My favorite item in my closet is easily a pair of socks I got for my birthday last month. They’re covered with multiple Bart Simpsons mooning. I’m a sucker for anything The Simpsons related.


Q: What do you like to do in your free time?


A: I just recently finished reading “Y” by Marjorie Celona. It’s about a girl who was abandoned at the YMCA just hours after she was born, and the mother who left her. It’s a great story about the consequences that occur from our choices and what it really means to be a family. As for music, I have to listen to at least one song by JMSN every day or my day isn’t complete.


Jen Blazina | Associate professor in the Art & Art History Department at Drexel University and working artist

by Erin Chan

Wearing: Vintage Gucci shirt, vintage cashmere vest, J.Crew pants, FLY London shoes, necklace made by Erica Rosenberg, New York-based glass artist, Pamela Love earrings

Q: Describe your personal style.

A: I like to combine vintage with contemporary, and I wear minimal colors.

Q: Do you have any signature pieces in your closet?

A: Black cashmere sweaters, Levi’s 501 jeans, funky vintage shirts and a lot of boots!

Q: Where do you find style inspiration?

A: I have a bunch of designers that I really love. A lot of my style comes from the ‘40s to ‘60s. I also like a lot of designers from the punk-rock era and just whatever I like.

Q: How does working in the creative field influence your style?

A: Artists don’t wear all the same things, but I really love fashion and see it as an art form. I like to have artist work, like jewelry. Books and things I see on the Internet also influence me.

Q: How has your style evolved since your college days?

A: It hasn’t changed much! I still like to wear a lot of vintage clothing, but I think it’s just developed from more experience and being surrounded by artists and designers. It has also developed because of traveling; I like to collect clothing from other countries.

by Victoria Sibalich
by Victoria Sibalich

Jeana Mobley | Junior | Custom-designed major and Design Studies

Wearing: Urban Outfitters vest and leather skirt, H&M sheer collared shirt, J.Crew necklace, and Jeffrey Campbell booties

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

A: I would say my style is artsy prep with an edge. My friend once told me that my style reminds her of Vampire Weekend, and I think that describes my style pretty perfectly.

Q: You said you are on co-op right now. Do you try to incorporate your personal style with your work attire? How so?

A: Before I started working, I bought a lot of new business casual pieces like blazers and trouser pants. I used to dress a lot grungier, but I got very inspired by J.Crew’s fall collection and now you rarely see me without a collared shirt on. My work attire is influenced by menswear, but I have an edgy taste that comes out in whatever I wear. I dress in a lot of tailored clothes with bold necklaces that I often make myself, and always wear bright lipstick to add color to my neutral wardrobe. My style got a lot preppier than before I was on co-op, but retained an edge that mixes really well with my artsy side.

Q: Is there anything you are looking forward to as winter term comes to a close?

A: I’m really going to miss co-oping and the [University City] Science Center, but I’m looking forward to it being warm out again! I can’t wait to drink coffee outside and read in the grass. I’m also looking forward to going back to class, especially the Westphal Studies course I’m taking on 3-D printing and laser cutting. I love making things and am excited to explore new design processes.

Q: Any plans for spring break?

A: None yet, but I may travel home to Pittsburgh. If I make it there, I’ll definitely go to my favorite museums, the Warhol and The Mattress Factory. Pittsburgh really has the best art museums, and I was very lucky to grow up visiting them. It obviously made an impact on my major! Working in one of them would be my dream job.