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DIY Flowers in a jar

Photo by Gabriella Tam

As summer is in full swing, bring some color into your apartment with our quick do-it-yourself flower jar.


Inspired by Taylor Tomasi Hill’s recently founded floral arrangement company, TTHBlooms, this hassle-free DIY embraces the summer season by bringing life into your space. Before launching her company, Tomasi Hill worked as the accessories director at Marie Claire magazine and as the artistic director at Moda Operandi.


According to Fashionista, Tomasi Hill launched TTHBlooms because, “After [she] left Moda, [she] started meeting with people, and as a thank-you [she] would make miniature floral arrangements for a more personal touch,” which then became popular amongst the fashion network. Tomasi Hill began to receive numerous requests for her floral arrangements, which led to the start of the company.


These miniature floral arrangements are beautiful, vibrant and easy to make. Also, the majority of the materials are items that you may already have in your apartment.


Materials: selection of flowers, Mason jar, packaging paper, scissors, superglue, string




First, cut the packaging paper to an appropriate size, allowing it to wrap around the Mason jar either once or twice. The size will depend on how small or large your jar is. Then, wrap the packaging paper around the jar and glue the ends of the paper together. Once the glue has dried, wrap the string around the jar and tie it. Make sure the string is placed in the center of the packaging paper. Next, add water to the jar and place your beautiful flowers.


As a flower arranging tip, Better Homes and Gardens suggests that you “add large heavy flowers first turning the arrangement as you work to ensure even placement on all sides,” and then “fill in with smaller, airier blooms, and leave enough space between the stems so individual flowers have room to shine.” To make your blooms last a little longer, dissolve two tablespoons of sugar into the water.