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Designer Profile: Marina Makaron

Abstract prints might not be what you typically think about wearing when the holidays come around. Many people resort to wearing earthy tones or basic black in the winter. Why stick to the cold-weather palate of drab, dark colors? Former Drexel student turned fashion designer Marina Makaron is fresh off the runway of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Russia. Her collection is all about bold prints and luxurious textiles, characterized by colorful scarves, which are a great way to break up the dark, monochromatic looks of this season with a jolt of warmth. The scarves create a styled contrast by juxtaposing traditional winterwear with resort-inspired accessories.

Makaron may have been born in Russia, but she has traveled the world extensively and lived in cities ranging from Moscow and London to Paris and Philadelphia. Reacquainting herself with her roots, Makaron now lives in Moscow. Although living in her home country, Makaron is still heavily connected to Philadelphia. She has shown her collections at Philadelphia Fashion Week and is represented by the city’s first wholesale and public relations showroom, Skai Blue Show.

When asked where she finds inspiration, Makaron said, “From real life. From the people walking by, fallen leaves, giddy mood. Interpretation of architecture and ad campaigns. And the best ideas come at 3 a.m. — don’t know why.”

Her drive for pulling ideas from her day-to-day activities and the people in her life seems to relate to her favorite memory of studying at Drexel University.

“I loved the library. I really did. Something so powerful about that place. So many secrets within reach. So many great minds just waiting to be heard. So many curious, young minds,” Makaron said. She relates to real people with raw ideas who are eager to make their own mark on the world.

Looks from her line, marina makaron moscow, can be closely associated with works from artists such as Monet, Gaudi and Marc Queen, thus separating herself from some of her favorite fashion designers: Etro and Prada, or as Makaron calls them, “today’s consumer-driven fast fashion.” She describes her latest collection as “the dirty laundry of fabulous,” a description that depicts her noncommercial design aesthetic.

As for marina makaron moscow accessories, the designer enjoys “silk twill squares. [She] bends them in a triangle and puts them on cowboy style.” As for using the silk scarves and squares during cold weather months, Makaron suggests taking two different-sized scarves and putting one on top of the other to create colorful contrast while staying warm.

This holiday season, Makaron isn’t wishing for clothes. When asked why, Makaron said, “The best thing about being a designer is being able to make whatever you want for yourself. So there is no need to wish. I’m already working on a list!”

Makaron loves getaways, “anywhere from a local market to a distant destination. New places, new feelings [and] new inspirations” are what she is wishing for this holiday season.