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Weather chaos in Chester: Phila. Union game postponed | The Triangle

Weather chaos in Chester: Phila. Union game postponed

Photo by Raphael Bartell | The Triangle

Raul Riadauz was on his way to score on Philadelphia Union goalkeeper Andre Blake. 11 yards in front of goal he forgot the ball while dribbling. It was not an error from the 33-year-old striker, rather it was the pitch that made it impossible to play at Subaru Park that night.

After two draws against Chicago, and Kansas City, Philadelphia’s MLS team, the Philadelphia Union was ready to get the first three points of the season.

In their second home game of the season, they awaited the Seattle Sounders who brought the rain with them to Chester’s Subaru Park, the home field of the Union.

Moments before kickoff the rainfall increased immensely. With the first passes, it was almost certain that the game could not be played. The ball barely bounced on the wet field. Puddles were now visible all over the pitch.

“During the warmup, the field was still ok, but the field became worse in a very short amount of time,” said Brian Schmetzer, head coach of the Seattle Sounders.

Seattle’s Raul Riadauz was sent off with a perfect through ball to the Philadelphia goal. It would have been a great chance, and most likely a goal, but Riadauz was denied access to the goal because of a huge puddle inside the 18-yard box that stopped the ball from moving. 

Philadelphia was able to clear the ball. Only five minutes into the game, the referee had seen enough. Both teams disappeared in the locker rooms. A 30-minute break was announced. 

Several Philadelphia Union staff members tried their best to shuffle the water from the field. It was not enough. The heavy rainfall continued.

Approximately one hour after kickoff, the game was officially postponed. When exactly the game will be rescheduled isn’t clear at this point.

The Philadelphia Union has announced that all tickets purchased for the original game will be valid for the rescheduled game.

The Union is on their way to Mexico to play Pachuca on Tuesday in the second leg of the round of 16 CONCACAF Champions Cup (0:0 in the first matchup), before returning to the US to play Austin on Saturday.