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The Top Three All-Time MLB Mascots

3. The Swinging Friar

The San Diego Padres mascot the Swinging Friar made this list because he is just so unique and intellectual. The Swinging Friar has been the Padres mascot since 1958. The mascot was named after the Spanish Franciscan friars because they founded the Mission San Diego de Alcala. The Swinging Friar is such an important part of the San Diego Padres that his face is on the sleeve patch of the jerseys. The appearance of the Friar is the most enticing aspect of him: whether it’s the rope around his waist, his tonsure, sandals or the dark hooded cloak, he dresses to impress. To top it all off, the Friar is so exceptional at batting that he is a switch hitter.

2. Mr. Met

The second-best Mascot in baseball is the classic Mr. Met. The legend has been around since April 11, 1962. Mr. Met is such a legend that, in 2003, former Mets First Baseman Tony Clark wore the mascot’s number, 00. Unlike some other mascots such as The Flyers’ Gritty, Mr. Met has a friendly vibe to him. It starts with his beautiful baseball face. His face is a smiling baseball with the stitching of the ball replacing where his ears would go. On June 1, 2017, Mr. Met was suddenly not so friendly anymore. Bringing out his true savagery he flipped off a fan after he was sick of hearing the insults about his mother.

Mr. Met is so much more than being the mascot of the Mets, he is a mascot for New York and the MLB. The City embraced Mr. Met so much that, in 2007, Mr. Met became a spokesperson for the MTA New York City Transit. Mr. Met was a central piece in the commercials for MLB 06: The Show, in which he was performing simple tasks such as buying coffee. When Mr. Met isn’t entertaining Mets fans he is also a loving husband to Mrs. Met.

1. Phillie Phanatic

While Mr. Met is cool, he doesn’t compare to the G.O.A.T. himself, the Phillie Phanatic. What stands out about the Phanatic is his goofy appearance and personality. He has a giant green furry belly and blue frosted tips for his amazing hair. The Phanatic is so popular because of all the awesome stunts he performs during a game. He frequently is seen at games riding his signature ATV over to the opponent’s dugout and taunting them. Not only will the Phanatic taunt opposing players but also the team’s broadcasters. Some of the pranks on broadcasters include spraying silly string on them and pouring popcorn on them.

The Phanatic is so good at his job that he sets the standard for other mascots to step up their game. At other stadiums, you will see other mascots performing similar routines as the Phanatic, but fail to impress because they don’t have the mascot’s signature swagger. Not to mention,  this year the Phanatic has undergone a makeover with his tail now being powder blue.