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DU WBB claims CAA Championship title | The Triangle

DU WBB claims CAA Championship title

Photo by Evie Touring | The Triangle

Drexel University’s Women’s Basketball team defeated the Stony Brook Seawolves 68-60 in the CAA tournament on March 17. The Seawolves have an impressive record this season, winning 27 of their 30 games and being the #1 ranked team. Drexel handed Stony Brook their fourth and final loss of the season.

Brooke Mullin was an asset off the bat in the first quarter. The Dragons led the game 16-9.

In the second quarter, DU continued to lead, scoring 20 points. Fourteen of them came from Amaris Baker and Mullin. The Seawolves continued their vicious attempt to catch up, scoring 17 points in the quarter. The game was now 36-26 Drexel.

Erin Sweeney made an enormous impact off the bench for the Dragons. In the first three games of the tournament, she scored a combined 15 points. Today she scored a career high 16 points, shooting 50% from the field. 

Stony Brook had an advantage in the third quarter, scoring 16 points. However, Drexel was right behind them, adding 15 points and remaining in the lead 51-42.

In the final hairpulling, jaw-clenching quarter, Stony Brook scored on DU, nearly tying the game. Drexel was 64-60 and needed to fight hard to keep their lead. 

In the closing stages of the fourth quarter, Stony Brook’s defense was able to get a grip on Drexel’s offense. They caused nine Drexel turnovers and kept them scoreless from the field for the last 5:04 of the game. 

It also didn’t help that Drexel had entered serious foul trouble late in the game. Amy Mallon fielded seven players today, with five players each having four fouls. 

Stony Brook’s last ditch efforts were met with a bend that did not break defense. Grace O’Neill and Chloe Hodges iced the game for Drexel, making all four of their free throws to extend the lead to eight. 

The Dragons won 68-60 and became the CAA Champions. The seventh-seeded Dragons are the joint highest seed to win the CAA Championship, tying Monmouth’s 2023 win. Baker is the tournament’s ‘Most Outstanding Player,’ after scoring 20 points a game. She scored 19 today.

The final moments of the game and the Dragon’s celebration can be seen in an X video posted by Drexel Women’s Basketball.

DU’s Women’s Basketball team will now be advancing to the 2024 March Madness NCAA Division I tournament. In the coming days, a new bracket will be released revealing the Dragons’ next opponent.