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Drexel Women’s Rowing Successful CAA Championships

Sunday, May 16, saw the Drexel Women’s Rowing team head into the College Athletic Association Championships in Pennsauken, New Jersey. In a successful bid, the Dragons placed second overall and came away with three team members named All-CAA Team. Honors were awarded to seniors Margarita Amihava, Julianna Hunt and Kylie Magee — a fitting way to see out their final season as Dragons.

Drexel came in second place in the final team standings with 36 points, just below the winners Northeastern with 42 points. Drexel remained well above Villanova and Delaware, both with 23 points and tied for third place. Fifth, sixth and seventh places went to UC San Diego, Eastern Michigan and UConn, respectively.

Women’s Third Varsity 8 consisted of the Marlene Buckley II boat, with coxswain Maya Duberstein and stroke Addison Devine. Numbers 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2 were Valentina Frusone, Sophia Lamb, Rachel Civan, Chloe Tramontano, Abby Citta and Julia Porro, respectively. The bow was Genevieve Rowlands. This team placed fourth in their race with a time of 7:18.062, just behind Northeastern. Villanova came out as champions of that race with an impressive time of 7:07.318.

Women’s Varsity 4 used the Marci boat, with Chloe Speciale as the coxswain and Anna Kretzer as the stroke, followed by Olivia Zwickle as the bow. Number 3 and 2 were Morgan Van Dexter and Katie Ernst. In an impressive race, the Dragons won the silver medal. Their time of 7:44.821 fell just short of Northeastern’s time of 7:42.139.

Another silver medal came in the Women’s Second Varsity 8 race. This team used the boat Cara Fry, with coxswain Olivia Szabo and stroke Julianna Rogers. Number 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2 were Mackenzie Dorsett, Lexie Hain, Mollie Knoff, Fiona Mauer, Rita Keefer and Makayla Wenzke. The bow was Kayla Driscoll. The ladies rowed an impressive time of 6:55.406, although once again, they were just edged by Northeastern, who rowed a time of 6:53.414. Another silver medal for the Dragons!

In the final race, the Women’s Varsity 8 also proved themselves worthy of a silver medal — as well as three All-CAA members. The boat used was the Alleva XVII, with coxswain Natalie Cleri, stroke Isabella D’Angelo and bow Hunt. Numbers 7 through 2 were occupied by Hayley McKeever, Magee, Amihava, Alexandra Natale, Kirby Droogan and Giavanna Hunt. In an emerging trend, the Dragons were just beaten by Northeastern for the top spot. Drexel’s time of 6:39.331 proved just short of Northeastern’s 6:35.101.

At a fitting end to the championships, the Dragons finished second place overall, with only Northeastern above them. In the last six CAA Championships, the Dragons have finished second place. The Dragons also walked away with an impressive three team members named the ALL-CAA team, all three from the Women’s Varsity 8 team. Congratulations, Dragons, on another successful season!