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Straight to the NFL | The Triangle
Mark and Jair Explain Sports

Straight to the NFL

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One thing about the duo, Mark and Jair, is that Mark Budd specializes well with the NBA and the NFL, while Jair specializes in the NBA and MLB, keeping his eyes on the NHL a little bit. It’s going to be interesting to see Jair keep his focus primarily on the NFL as it’s the only sport currently on television. 

This past week, Mark and Jair spoke about things going on with the NFL. It’s been reported that there were several positive COVID cases within the San Francisco 49ers. Mark and Jair expressed concerns heading into the game whether or not the game might be canceled.

Next, Mark and Jair cover the standings throughout the NFL. Mark’s Philadelphia Eagles are currently 3-4 in the NFC East but are still sitting in first place. Mark spoke about his thoughts heading into the rest of the season while the second place, Washington Football Team, may have an easier schedule. 

Even though the Eagles recently defeated, Mark holds a few questions in regard to the future of the Eagles. He questions the future of Jalen Hurts and Carson Wentz and wonders who may potentially be the future starting Quarterback. 

Another thing that will be interesting this weekend is how Antonio Brown does in his first game as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. It’s going to be interesting to watch the tandem of Tom Brady and Brown in their second stint together.

Stay tuned for more episodes of Mark and Jair Explain Sports. Both Mark and Jair will come up with several different sports topics to discuss during their podcast. Be sure to follow them on Instagram @exsportsdrexel. Also follow their personal accounts @budd98,, @jairbrooksdavis. 

Mark and Jair hope you all take the right amount of protective measures to remain safe throughout the circumstances we face today. We are sad to see a spike of COVID-19 cases rising again. Please be sure to wear masks and use protection at all times.