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Mark and Jair Explain Sports

Sports Have Returned? And we’re Going to Disney World

Mark and Jair explain the rumored return of the NBA and MLB

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Due to the coronavirus, sports fans have been at home patiently waiting for professional sports to return. Luckily, in recent weeks, it has been rumored that the MLB and NBA are coming up with a contingency plan to return as soon as this summer. With that being said, it is universally understood that when sports do return, it will be without fans in attendance. Due to this, one wonders if this will increase the use of mobile gambling.

Those who aren’t die-hard fans of baseball might now start watching games consistently after placing a bet on a game. In the past, sites such as FanDuel and DraftKings were popular destinations for those trying to place bets. Fans not being able to attend games could mean a lot of revenue opportunities for mobile gambling companies.

Alex Bregman is a tremendously talented player. In fact, he’s probably within the top three third basemen in Major League Baseball currently. Although he’s a two-time All-Star and “World Series Champion,” he’s also part of a crew that put a black-eye on the sport. The Houston Astros were caught cheating in previous seasons. They didn’t just steal signs the old-fashioned way; they stole via putting a camera over the Center Field fence at Minute Maid Park. In 2017, they won a title, and in 2018 they had an ALCS appearance. In 2019, they lost in seven games to the Washington Nationals.

When the final decision was made on a penalty for the Astros scandal, a lot of people in baseball were beyond upset. Even NBA star Lebron James spoke up about how upsetting it was that Houston was cheating and stealing signs. It’s been recently said that James plans on releasing a documentary about Houston’s sign-stealing scandal. Since James seems to have this documentary as an option, his former Klutch Sports partner, Alex Bregman, chose to leave. Does someone like James really care? Maybe he’s better off without a cheater.

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