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Sports are Back, but for how Long with COVID still Around?

Photograph courtesy of Armon Owlia for The Triangle

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As things currently stand, the MLB and NBA are slated to return in late July. Despite that, there are still a large number of concerns regarding the coronavirus pandemic. In recent weeks, COVID-19 cases have dramatically increased in the south, especially in places like Florida, where the NBA happens to be planning their return at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Campus. The NBA is planning on making the sports campus a “bubble,” meaning that once the season resumes on July 31, players are permitted to remain in the bubble to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, our question for the NBA is about all the hotel workers and staff that are going to be taking care of the sports campus. They’re going to be coming in from outside the bubble, thus increasing the risk of the virus spreading inside the bubble. Only time will tell to see if the NBA’s plan works; otherwise, they might need to start planning to use a different city. Perhaps New York or Philadelphia?

It’s great to see that Major League Baseball finally has a plan in regards to the 2020 season. Although it’s great, how will it play out? Will teams be able to play in Canada, Florida, Texas, etc. amidst the number of COVID-19 cases rising? What is the plan? On June 25, former All-Star Alex Rodriguez spoke to Wolf Blitzer on CNN about playing in the conditions for 60 games. Will he be able to make it work? What about the new rules banning spitting and postgame showers? One has to wonder about all these factors.

Mark and Jair hope you all take the right amount of protective measures in order to remain safe in the circumstances we face today. We are sad to see a spike of COVID-19 cases rising again. Please be sure to wear masks and use protection at all times.

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