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Reliving the 90s, Knicks and Bulls Playoff + Baseball Returns | The Triangle
Mark and Jair Explain Sports

Reliving the 90s, Knicks and Bulls Playoff + Baseball Returns

Mark and Jair Explain the latest episodes of The Last Dance and discuss the return of Major League Baseball

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Ah, the 1990s Knicks. The Head Coach between 1991 and 1995 for the franchise was the legend, Pat Riley. He helped make them a rough-and-tough, no-nonsense team when he got there. At first, he had the X-Man, Xavier McDaniel and the brother of Dominique Wilkins, Gerald Wilkins. Along with them, the Knicks brought in Queens native Anthony Mason. Riley also inspired and shaped his assistant, Jeff Van Gundy, into coaching.

Unfortunately, the Knicks never made it past the Michael Jordan-led Bulls back in the 1990s. The only time they defeated their nemesis was in 1994, when Scottie Pippen was the face of Chicago. The Knicks came close in ‘92, losing to Jordan in seven games. They led 2-0 against Jordan and the Bulls in 1993, even after Jordan had a bit of a fiasco after being found gambling in Atlantic City before Game 2 at Madison Square Garden.

In the ’96-’97 season, a new generation surrounded Patrick Ewing and the Knicks. Pat Riley was gone, and Jeff Van Gundy led the way, with Tom Thibodeau being one of his assistants. Anthony Mason was traded for Larry Johnson and Allan Houston started at shooting guard, with John Starks coming off the bench. Charles Oakley was starting at power forward, while Chris Childs and Charlie Ward handled the point guard duties. Were they able to stop the Bulls? They didn’t even play them! Due to suspensions in the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Miami Heat, they blew a 3-1 lead and didn’t play the eventual champion, the Chicago Bulls!

What were the best Knicks teams of the 1990s? Should Jordan have stayed the night before the playoff game? Should James Dolan sell the team?

What’s going on with Major League Baseball? Are we going to start in June, potentially? July, maybe? What’s going on with what we heard previously about the potential three leagues with 10 teams each? Is it going to come to fruition? When do you think baseball will come back, and where do you think it will be played?

Baseball is a slow game that consists of many defining habits. Those habits include chewing gum, spitting, eating sunflower seeds, spitting in your hands before you bat, etc. The common theme in the antics of baseball typically involves spitting. Take into account that, throughout a game of baseball, players are constantly high-fiving and doing individual handshakes. In Major League Baseball, you’ll see a typical dugout covered in sunflower seeds and spit all over the floor. Given the current pandemic that’s going on, it’s hard to imagine players will be able to continue these in-game rituals and antics. The Korean Baseball league that recently started up has banned players from spitting during the game. Expect MLB to do the same.

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