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Ain't That Something With Brandon & Liz

Keeping the Magic Alive in the Age of Concern

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Hi! Welcome back homies, I missed you! Last week was a great episode, right? Well this week is just as great! I am joined by my good friend, Abbey Haas. I first met Abbey back in the fall of 2018, when I first transferred here from my community college. We had a class together called Mass Media and Society which was taught by the legendary, Allen Stegeman. Although our relationship consisted of small talk for a little while, I would say it developed and blossomed into a thriving friendship when I became a PRSSA executive board member. The depth of a friendship is not determined by how long you have known one another and I am grateful every day that she is in my life.

I had Abbey over my apartment just one day after I moved into it (sorry about the mess, Abbey) and we had an absolutely amazing conversation. We learned so much about one another and found out that we have a mutual love for the Harry Potter series (who said a Ravenclaw and a Gryffindor cant get along?). In this episode, we talk about having different societal and political views than our family members and how to tread those waters. We also hear about her enlightening trip to Iceland (this is a really interesting part of the podcast and I do not want to give too much away, so you have to promise me you’ll listen, okay?)

I promise you this episode will make you think, laugh, and smile. At the end of the day that is all I aim for. If I can make at least one person do all three of these things, then that means I’m doing my job as a “podcaster” right. When it comes down to it, this world is far too crazy for you not to just sit back, check out, and listen to something that makes you feel less alone. In the words of the late and great Mac Miller, this episode had me “cheesin’ from cheek to cheek.” I hope it does the same thing for each and every one of my listeners. You all mean the world to me and I cannot wait for you all to hear the upcoming content we have in store for you.

Thanks, homies.