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Walking the middle line

This week, The Triangle will run the third front page of fall term that features Hillary Clinton or individuals campaigning on her behalf. We have yet to run a news story on Donald Trump. This fact has sparked some criticism along with claims that The Triangle is a partisan newspaper biased towards Democrats.

Let’s get one thing straight — we aren’t doing this intentionally.

The Triangle has an obligation to keep the Drexel community informed when politicians speak at venues on or near campus. We’d love to cover Trump, but the closest he’s come to campus was a rally at Independence Hall. We did not receive a press invite although our news department has reached out to the Trump campaign several times.

The fact of the matter is that Philadelphia polls democratic by an overwhelming majority in every general election. Throughout the election, it has also become clear that Trump’s target demographic skews older and less liberal.

In an area like University City, the majority of people are educated young students; the exact type of people that have been in the minority of Trump’s supporters.

Admittedly, it’s a waste of Donald Trump’s time to campaign here and he knows it. This is evidenced by the fact that he hasn’t even visited the University of Pennsylvania, his alma mater.

So, yes our coverage does skew liberal because there’s not much we can do to influence where politicians speak.

What we can do is offer everyone within our community a public forum to express their views.

So rather than finding misguided fault in the newspaper for covering events within our purview, make your voice heard. Email [email protected].