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So, who will I be voting for?

OK, spoiler alert: I am not very well-versed in politics. I never chose to be involved in politics until this year. I am finally old enough to vote, so I feel that it is my obligation to become more involved and informed in the affairs that will determine the future of the country I live in.

I must admit, I have formed my own prejudices on each candidate based on what I’ve seen and heard about them from the media and interviews that have been held with each of them.

However, I decided to watch the first presidential debate to further inform me on what each candidate stands for. The debate was very unbiased; during the entire broadcast, both Trump and Clinton were shown on a split-screen. I guess this happened so there was no manipulation of any dirty looks or inquisitive faces made during the debate. The candidates were asked the same questions and the only thing we could judge them on were their own words, which made the debate fair game.

What I chose to really focus on during this debate were Trump and Clinton’s communication skills. While actions hold more power than words, words are still crucial in communicating a candidate’s intentions and plans.

Donald Trump’s communication skills were nonexistent. He was very unprofessional and kept interrupting Clinton any time Lester Holt, the moderator, specifically directed a question toward her. Also, there was no eloquence in his vocabulary: the only words I heard him use were “beautiful,” “huge” and “China.”

I also noticed that Trump loved talking about himself. Throughout the debate, he promoted his hotels and “property” and gave himself credit for encouraging President Obama to produce a birth certificate, since Trump had questioned him being born in the U.S. for years. He always had to insert his opinion when it was not necessary it was not necessary at all in a presidential debate.

On the other hand, Clinton’s communication skills were polished and she seemed prepared for this debate. While I was not entirely sure that either candidate spoke the truth, Clinton used more facts and figures than Trump did, adding more validity to her words. Any time Trump had a nasty comment about her, Clinton simply nodded or grinned and struck back. It was so satisfying to watch.

Long story short, I got absolutely nothing out of whatever Trump was blabbering on about the entire debate, but I did get something from Clinton. Her words were much more eloquent and well-spoken.

I feel as if those who support Trump prefer to be entertained rather than informed. Sure, Clinton has been questioned throughout her political career, but overall, she is more informed than Trump.

I would not necessarily call myself a Clinton supporter. I originally supported Bernie Sanders. However, I will support her over Trump. I can never imagine a man with such vitriol and a lack of self-control as the leader of the free world. Clinton made a valid argument in the debate: if a man is easily provoked by a tweet, he should not be in charge in making crucial decisions for America’s military.

So, who am I voting for? Not Trump, that is for sure. For some reason, I feel strange saying that I will vote for Clinton, but it seems that’s the only way to stop Trump from making it to the White House.