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Self love is just as important on Valentine’s Day

It’s another Valentine’s Day and you’re stuck at home while your friends are out with a new person they’ve met from Tinder. You’re kind of broke and there’s always “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You on Netflix and the layers of blankets can replace a warm body you’re missing. However, instead of getting hung up on the thought of a lover to dine with on cupid’s day, you could take someone very special out that night: you.

It is time you realize the magnificent masterpiece that is yourself. Instead of feeling the emotional stresses of being single on Valentines day, you could do something that brings you joy. This could be baking your favorite dish that reminds you of home, relaxing from the whirlwind of midterms your professors are throwing at you and most importantly focusing on what is presently happening; not what could be happening.

Yes, you’re single, but you’re also not worried about going all out for a significant other. There is so much more to you than anyone could ever recognize through one dimly-lit dinner. Love yourself this day by buying yourself flowers and chocolates, or treating yourself to that one item in your online cart at Urban Outfitters. You deserve a treat.

You could allow yourself to be vulnerable. Forgive yourself for your past actions, practice the mentality that you are only human and you can make mistakes. Practice a new way of thinking — you are loved fully, you are doing your best and most importantly, you are worthy of love.

Additionally, you can take yourself on a date instead of someone new. Think to yourself; “When was the last time you did something for the first time? What new experience can help you grow as a young adult in the big city?” If there’s somewhere you’ve been meaning to go, like the Magic Gardens on South Street or the Philadelphia Art Museum. What better time than now?

Fear should not stop you from experiencing what the world has to offer. Being alone may seem scary, but the reward of being independent can be the most fulfilling emotion to have and it cannot be replicated. Falling in love with yourself should be the top priority in your mind. After all, you will live with your thoughts for the rest of your life, might as well become comfortable.

There is more than one way to express your love this day or any day. Practicing anything that feels like it can be good to you and your body and accepting the you that you are today, that tomorrow can wait and yesterday is too far gone. Loving yourself can be as simple as saying, “no” to something you already signed up for. You are a special person and it’s important to give yourself room for growth, knowledge and rest.

Valentine’s Day can be redefined for you as the day you make memories with yourself. Take the time to know who you are this holiday and every day after.