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Quarantine Winter Activities

The most wonderful time of the year is finally here, and while we’ll never forget this holiday season, quarantining and social distancing doesn’t have to dampen our spirits. While most of us are staying hunkered down, there are still so many ways to spread joy and enjoy our favorite winter activities this year!

I’ve always enjoyed spending time in the kitchen, cooking and baking with my family, but thanks to the pandemic and the hours of Food Network Baking Competitions I have watched this year, my skills have improved tremendously. So instead of just watching these competitions, it’s so easy to recreate them from home. You could have cake decorating, cookie baking or gingerbread house building competitions against your family members, the ideas are truly endless. Plus, who wouldn’t want to have mountains of desserts to snack on for the rest of the week. It’s also the perfect time to try new recipes and experiment in the kitchen so you have them perfected for when it’s finally okay to have all your friends and family over again.

Like most people, I’ve watched an insane amount of TV this year — more than I ever have —  which is why movie nights have become a weekly staple in my family. Now that streaming services offer multiple users to watch shows and movies at the same time, I love getting to watch movies with my little cousins. We may not be able to go to the movie theaters or all squish onto the couch to watch our favorite holiday movies, but getting to watch the same movies together this way from home is still just as special. Over the last few years, Netflix has released so many original holiday movies, and with so many to choose from, frequent movie nights this season have become a must!

Personally, I prefer to stay home when the weather gets cold but for the adventurous ones, Pennsylvania and its surrounding states are filled with hikes perfect for the winter. Safety precautions must be taken, but frozen waterfalls and snow-covered fields are definitely a sight not to be missed. Some of my favorites include Ridley Creek State Park and the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Light shows and displays have also become popular over the last few years as it’s the perfect way to enjoy thousands of twinkling lights set to music without ever having to leave your car. Shadybrook Farm in Yardley, PA has more than three million lights displayed across the entire farm and is an experience my family looks forward to every year!

Shopping during this time of year is always on everyone’s minds, but it’s important to try and shop local and support small businesses and entrepreneurs! Philly’s Christmas Village and Peddler’s Village in New Hope, PA are a few of my favorite holiday-themed “villages.” Not only can you find the best hot chocolate at these markets, but the knick-knacks and presents are sure to impress the people you gift them to. Even if you can’t check out these Christmas spots this year, look into the small business in your hometown and find ways to support them this season!

The holidays will certainly be much different this year, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be as enjoyable! Hopefully, I’ve been able to inspire your winter bucket list with activities you, your family and friends can enjoy safely this year!

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