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On Valentine’s Day, celebrate unconditional love

On Valentine’s Day, there are often two kinds of people: those in relationships who can celebrate with their significant others on the ultimate day of romance, and those who are single and spend it crying in a bed, pantsless, compulsively opening social media just to see that no one contacted them. 

Well, it’s now time to create a third category — for both people who are single or in a relationship, because there is a group for whom Valentine’s Day, the ultimate celebration of love, should have a focus on: our moms.

Here at The Triangle, we really love our mommies. You may point out that Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so this is a premature article — but you know what? We’re the writers, not you. 

Valentine’s Day, which celebrates love, rarely recognizes the purest one of all: unconditional love, the same unconditional love that mothers give throughout the lives of their children, the same unconditional love that requires, above all else, sacrifice. Every one of us can appreciate the role our moms play in shaping us as individuals. They push us to be our best selves and expect nothing in return. Love takes many forms, but there surely can’t be a nobler one than that given by our mommas.

For nine months of gestating a growing creature, they can’t drink alcohol or caffeine, eat sushi or deli foods, go to a sauna, do hot yoga or pilates or pretty much do anything. They put the exciting parts of their lives, such as hot yoga, on hold for over a year to make sure we, the children, come into this world healthy. 

Add to it the extra weight, the wrinkles, the stretch marks, all the marks of pregnancy that can add to a mother’s depression and hormonal imbalance, and the pain. No need to mention the pain. The most painful part of a person’s life is to bring someone else into the world. But then, the unadulterated joy.

And, throughout our lives, not just during pregnancy, they made sure that when we were sick, we had someone taking care of us. When we had nightmares, they sang or read us to sleep. When we were happy, they celebrated with us. When we cried, they held us tight and made sure that we were alright. They exposed us to the world, taught us our basic principles, became our biggest fans and our biggest critics.

Honestly, if there was an award to give to all the moms out there, it would be the MVP ⁠— Most Valuable Person. Just look back to when NBA All-Star Kevin Durant shouted out his mom during his 2014 NBA MVP acceptance speech, thanking his mom for being “the real MVP.”

That’s all just 18 years of young angst and power struggles, a battle that costs roughly a quarter-million dollars.

So this Valentine’s Day, be sure to do something special. Even if you have something planned with your significant other, pick up the phone and call your mom. Let her know how much you appreciate her, not only on Valentine’s Day but every day of the year. She deserves it.