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Why it is important to stay informed about politics

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It seems that after the divisive 2016 presidential election and the many controversies of the current administration in office, more people are opting to stay away from discussing or paying attention to what’s happening in politics. Many people think that it can be polarizing or confusing, which can be true.

However, there is never an excuse to choose to not pay attention to politics or current events. Laws and decisions made by politicians can cause lots of social, environmental or legal changes that affect millions of people.

Choosing to avoid how politics have affected America is privilege in action. The results of political actions have forced effects on the lives of people of many different races, religions and genders, such as those affected by President Donald Trump’s travel ban and his ban on transgender people serving in the military.

I have found it difficult to ignore political news as I have gotten older. Once I turned 18 and became eligible to vote, I thought it was mandatory to learn about how politicians can be making decisions that can impact my life, especially since I now play a part in electing them to represent me.

Every college student should be paying attention to what’s happening in politics. We are all old enough to vote and to stand up for what we believe in. Also, anybody who has taken a federal student loan to attend school is directly involved with something in the government that can be affected by politics.

The first step that can be taken in advocating for political change is to discuss the issues that people care about. When people come together for demonstrations and discussions, the power to inflict change can be immense. Luckily, Drexel University offers an inclusive campus that encourages discussion and action.

Having discussions about politics can be difficult and serious, so it is obviously not the go-to topic of conversation for many people. I have some friends who I never talk to about anything pertaining to politics because their views are the opposite of mine, which can be frustrating.

People are often very defensive of their political beliefs, but it is important that everyone keeps an open mind to different views.

Social media sites like Facebook, Reddit and Twitter have become spaces for discussions and quick updates on current news. Whether opinions are agreed with or argued against, users of these sites will be exposed to all kinds of political views.

Politics always serve as a reflection of the current time. They have helped us come a long way forward in society, but have also set us a few steps back. In politics, the opinions and beliefs that people hold closely to them are the most powerful; they can either bring people together or push them further apart.

A relatively small amount of politicians make decisions for every single American. Therefore, it is crucial that people continue to make it known that everybody has a voice on the political issues that are being debated in the government.

Ignorance is at the root of several problems, but it should not affect how life-changing decisions are made for every American.

Stay updated on news from both political parties, and stay aware of the effects that lawmakers’ decisions can have on Americans who are just as important as everybody else.