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Going from co-op back to classes can be good and bad

Photograph courtesy of PIXNO.

The feeling of finally being back from co-op is an unexpected one, and I think that people who are on co-op should look forward to returning to classes. The morning commutes to work are something that I already miss more than I imagined I ever would, and not bidding everyone a “good morning!” when I walk in the office is also something I had grown so accustomed to that it now feels odd to not do it.

To my surprise, I am quite excited to be back in classes. The time that I spent inside of Drexel’s halls was very limited these past six months, as I very rarely had a reason to enter them. Now that I am back, I’m getting a chance to see how some places on campus have changed and how others have stayed virtually the same. It of course doesn’t have that same feeling as the first time I started classes on day one of freshman year, but the feeling I get now is close to that. It all feels new again.

When I first started my co-op, I was so grateful to be done with classes that I couldn’t express my joy at getting what was essentially a six-month break. I told all of my friends and family that I would dread the very thought of having to return to class, and many of my friends had the same general feeling. However, now that six months have passed and I am at the point which I was dreading six months ago, my feelings have completely changed.

Having to go a year without any classes made me realize all of the little things in class that I love, and now, having been away for a while, I truly miss them. Sure, exams, papers and homework can really be a pain in the neck much of the time, but those aren’t the only things that give a class character. They’re major factors in any class, but there are so many other things that determine the experience. I feel that this is why people, including me, were originally not fond of the idea of returning to class.

The many other aspects of taking classes didn’t dawn on me during my time on co-op, as these aspects were overshadowed by the more stressful ones that I found less pleasing. But things like seeing and being taught by past professors I really like, taking subjects that interest me and studying English literature are all things that I had forgotten the joy of.

Perhaps if you’ve had some rotten luck, and all your classes and professors at Drexel have been mediocre or poor by your standards, then I could see how you would detest coming back to class after being away on co-op. But even then, there are some things you can still look forward to and enjoy. I mean, who doesn’t like being able to sleep in until the afternoon because you don’t have class until the evening? There are probably people who prefer waking up in the morning each day to go to work, and that’s perfectly understandable, but my point is that there are other things classes allow us to do that co-op does not.

We all have things that we like and dislike about classes, so we should try to focus on the things we like in order to make the transition from co-op back to classes a little smoother. As you finish your co-ops, try reminding yourself of the things you miss most about classes.