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An open letter to the BeyHive | The Triangle

An open letter to the BeyHive

Youtube: David Counce
Youtube: David Counce

Dear BeyHive,

I understand that you’re disappointed and angered. After all, you were waiting for an aftertaste of sweetness when your Queen B released “Lemonade” for the world to hear. Instead, you tasted a confusing mixture of sweet and sour news, as you explored the lyrics of Beyonce’s album. The sour news that Beyonce alluded to was that her husband Jay Z had an affair with “Becky with the Good Hair.” It’s okay to be upset by this news; infidelity is an infuriating and unfortunate situation.

What I can’t fathom is why some people in your hive decided to attack Rachel Roy. Yes, she commented “Good hair don’t care…” under one of her Instagram pictures, but neither Beyonce nor Jay Z have confirmed that Rachel Roy is Becky, so you have no grounds or reason to attack her based on the correlation between her comments and the lyrics of “Sorry.” There’s also no need to comment under her pictures with “bee” and “lemon” emojis; I guess the Queen is supplying you with great music, so you feel inclined to help her get even with Becky.

Since you’ve already attacked Rachel Roy, I hope you realize that some of your comments to her were malicious and despicable. Perhaps, overwhelmed and concerned by the threats to her life and the comments about her appearance, Rachel Roy tweeted, “I respect love, marriages, families and strength. What shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone, no matter what, is bullying, of any kind.”

She’s right, BeyHive. Bullying is a serious issue; it affects the emotional and mental health of the victims. Bullies also contribute to the low-self esteem and embarrassment that their victims experience. Stans, please, don’t be bullies. You’re a stan because you become emotionally invested in Beyonce’s problems but please recognize that your actions may result in negative consequences and harmful effects.  

This situation is all too familiar, where fans of a public figure attack the mistress. We saw it as people attacked and slandered Monica Lewinsky throughout Bill Clinton’s presidency and continue to, to this day. Stans, just because you feel personally wronged by the mistress that supposedly “took” Jay Z away from Beyonce for some time, doesn’t mean that that you have the right to attack her. One question stans: Are you saying anything to Jay Z? Are you holding him personally accountable for his actions in the affair the Beyonce alluded to? Or is it all Becky’s fault?

Since Jay Z was the one in a committed relationship and thus, the one with the responsibility to honor his vows, why must the “hive” or society go after Rachel Roy? Is it, perhaps, the consequence of living in a patriarchal and at times misogynistic society, which has subconsciously made us and taught us to always hate the “other woman”? Beyhive, I am not encouraging you to mention Jay Z on Twitter and to persecute him for his infidelity. That’s pointless as well. Just remember to place the blame where it’s due and place it equally for everyone involved.

Also, you can’t say that Rachel Roy summoned the “BeyHive,” with her Instagram comment and asked to be attacked. She didn’t ask to be attacked,  just like people don’t ask to be shot or harmed by others. Yes, I’m comparing apples to oranges here, but I hope you realize that people don’t ask to be bullied. Maybe Rachel Roy asked for the publicity, which she received; but I’m sure she didn’t ask for fans to threaten her or her children.

BeyHive, I encourage you to enjoy the music, to cry with Queen B and to sing along to “Hold Up” and the other masterpieces on the album, but please – do NOT bully others.


Kinda a fan (even though Bey snatched my edges in 2013 with Beyonce)