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Be Active in Your Community

We are finally approaching the end of spring term! While all of our friends at other institutions of higher learning have been enjoying their summer vacation, those of us not on co-op have been slaving away preparing for the end of the term, writing final papers and working on group projects to show our professors that we have mastered the learning objectives in our courses.

The time has come for us to take the well-deserved, albeit extremely short break that Drexel gives us; just one week of freedom before we need to jump right back into the routine and start again with three more months of classes.

The Editorial Board encourages students to make a difference during their break and get involved with civic engagement. While this is something that students should partake in all year, the term break is one of the best opportunities to take advantage of the free time you have to make a difference. Instead of sitting around on your couch, playing XBox LIVE or sleeping for 15 hours a day, go volunteer and be a study buddy for a kid in school, or organize a group to clean up a local park. Whether your activities are in Philly or your local hometown, these small acts can make a difference, and are integral to being a good member of your community.

College students get a bad rap for being lazy and unmotivated, so why not work on changing this stigma with a little hard work that, in the process, benefits the lives of others. If you are remaining in the Philadelphia area, the best way to get involved is by contacting the Office of Civic Engagement — they maintain a database of service projects in the area. The database is accessible from the center’s website at

We hope that while enjoying your upcoming term break, you’ll consider making a difference at the same time.