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“Ahsoka” is a great show worth watching

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The “Star Wars” fan base can be a bit divisive at times. A lot of people love this franchise, and their opinions are valid regardless of whether or not they, as fans, agree with each other. That being said, “””Ahsoka” is a show that succeeds in satisfying the desires of the majority of “Star Wars” fans. This is not an easy thing to accomplish considering the large level of disagreement that exists among “Star Wars” fans, but you are never going to make everyone happy. Under Disney’s control “Star Wars” has taken a new form, and it is understandable that some fans may not be happy with how things have changed.

We know some people will disagree with our take on the show, and that is okay. “Star Wars” fans are a great community of people who enjoy an expansive series of books, TV shows and movies that have existed since the 1970s. There is a ton to love, and hate, and it is okay for people to disagree on what makes something good.

The “Star Wars” shows that have recently come out on Disney+ are loosely connected to one another while still maintaining their own unique identity. Each show feels like its own experience that ties into the larger universe. It is easy to watch an eight-episode season of a show without having ever watched anything else. One pitfall of the latest Marvel content is that viewers need to watch every show and movie to understand what is taking place. The Marvel Cinematic Universe used to be entertaining because we watched different movies taking place in the same universe, each with their own story to tell. Now, it is more or less one continuous story that is told through a series of films and TV shows. The large time investment required to know what is going on makes it challenging to stay up to date with what Marvel is doing.

One reason a lot of people do not watch certain TV shows is because of the huge amount of time required to understand what is going on. For example, the TV series Breaking Bad won dozens of awards across its five seasons. It is clearly a great show that is worth watching, but the average run time for an episode is 47 minutes. It would take over 50 hours to watch the entire series. “Star Wars” does something different by not making shows dependent on each other for the viewer to know what is happening. This allows viewers to watch shows that they enjoy and finish an entire season without needing to invest an obscene amount of time into every other show taking place in that universe. For folks without a lot of time, this is perfect. The shows produced still have enough content to satisfy viewers who enjoy the lore of “Star Wars” but not at the expense of new viewers who may not know every little backstory.

“Ahsoka” brings back a fan favorite villain and other memorable “Star Wars” characters from the past. It is clear that director and writer Dave Filoni is creating content with the fans in mind. Filoni was born and raised in Pennsylvania and has a long resume of accomplishments in the entertainment industry. “The  Mandalorian” is another award-winning project Filoni has worked on in the past. He has been a great addition to the “Star Wars” team at Disney. Under his direction, “Ahsoka” was perfect. Characters are serious and have a lot of thought put into them. Minor details that long-time “Star Wars” fans will notice are taken into consideration in the script, but new fans can also watch it and still understand everything that is taking place. The music was wonderfully produced, and the actors were perfectly cast.

There is a lot of negative news out there right now. As we go into the darker months of the year it is important to do things that help you stay positive. One way to do that is to enjoy a great show filled with nostalgia and action. “Ahsoka” on Disney+ is a must watch show this fall. The show gets a solid 10/10 rating.