A peek into winter term | The Triangle

A peek into winter term

Photo by Taylor Clark | The Triangle

We have officially entered week two of the new term. The professors have finished housekeeping, the assignments are coming down on us, and all around, students are gearing up for battle. To keep from losing ourselves on the academic warfront, here’s a rundown of the latest updates on campus news.

Philadelphia’s Moody Weather: What exactly is Mother Nature up to? Temperatures rose as high as 54 degrees Fahrenheit last week, and I think we all became too familiar with what summer on campus will be like on the third floor of the Main Building. In contrast, this week came with a blend of rain and flurries and snow and wind chills. And what has Drexel administration been doing in response to nature’s mood swings? 

With a three-day weekend came an uprooted sleep schedule, and the promise of over three inches of snow gave rise to both expectations and disappointments this week. Waking up at the crack of dawn to the sound of my brother’s high school voicemail announcing that classes were canceled was painful, especially since Drexel offered a delay on normal operations until…10 a.m.? We still had to attend some classes on Zoom, which was enough to transport us back through time into the groggy routine of COVID-ridden 2020. 

It was exactly three steps outside and a slip of the foot later while on my way to my 6 p.m. orgo lecture when I started hoping Friday’s snow will do a better job on keeping us inside. I gather here all my hope for a commuter friendly week.

Rise of the Nanu’s Hot Chicken Cult: I spent 40 minutes in a waiting line. The blaring sun blinded my eyes while I inched toward the bright orange truck that was, apparently, going to revolutionize campus food with its hot chicken. We were like sheep, flocking toward the warmth of crispy fries and tender meat. The blanket of creamy sauce was calling to us. Some canceled meetings. Some ditched classes. And some stayed in line for four hours. 

My only question: Was the Nashville hot chicken worth the wait? 

Unfortunately, too many disappointed students did not get to relish the deal. Some had enough of the wait and opted for the less busy food trucks that were teasingly close, and others, like me, decided it was finally time to attend their classes. 

Thus, I bring to you four descriptions to shed light on the taste of Nanu’s Hot Chicken, provided to me through the grapevine: “tender chicken cradled in a warm bed of soft buns,” “perfect mixture of crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside” and “golden seasoned fries with a finesse.” Do with that what you must.

Basement or Bane?: Gone is the comfort of a cushiony lounging area of study, the plushness of a well-used sofa. And enter an amalgam of off-putting orange and long legs and tiny rectangles. In all its glory, what exactly is the new layout of Hagerty Library’s basement? 

I will say that I hate to judge a book by its cover, so there will come an attempt on The Triangle’s readers’ behalf to complete assignments atop the deadly combination of uncomfortable stools and claustrophobic desktops in the future. As of right now, I’m steering clear of it all. I saw it once, and I don’t have to see it again.