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A cornucopia of opportunity

As week 9 finally comes to a close, we find ourselves excited for a Thanksgiving break that seems to come at the perfect time each year — and by “perfect,” we mean right as fall term is at its most stressful level. One of the things that we all need right now is the chance to relax for a long weekend with close family or friends, which will allow us to return to campus with renewed energy and hopefully give us the strength to ace our finals!

Thanksgiving brings time to reflect on change, gratitude and improvement. Luckily for us here at Drexel, change is a good thing for which we should be incredibly thankful. Our impressive institution continues to set plans in place that will benefit students, faculty and staff alike.

First off, we are grateful that the construction of the new business building has finally kicked off. We’d been hearing for years that good old Matheson was going to be torn down, and as much as we will miss its classic orange-brick exterior and mysterious powerless power outlets, it was about time.

We are also thankful for the improvements in the Drexel University Police Department, which has continued to keep us safe over the last year. A few recent unfortunate incidents at other schools give us reason to remember just how much work our officers put in to keep us safe. We only seem to notice them when something goes wrong, but we’re thankful that they’re there nonetheless.

Above all else, as we head home to spend time with loved ones, it is important to show thanks for the people in our lives that support us, inspire us and offer us guidance — whether this means family, friends, significant others, professors or coworkers.

If you are unable to travel home to be with your loved ones this holiday, do not miss the opportunity to participate in Drexel’s Home Away From Home Thanksgiving dinner Nov. 23 at 5 p.m. (email DrexelHAFH@gmail.com for details and to RSVP). Remember that as we celebrate the family for the next few days, you will also have the large Drexel family to celebrate with when your real family is too far away.

Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for reading! We invite you to tweet @TheTriangle with your own ideas of what you’re thankful about at Drexel this year as we look forward to sharing this holiday season with our community of readers. See you in two weeks for our last issue of the term!