The stuff we’re all wondering — freshmen or not. | The Triangle

The stuff we’re all wondering — freshmen or not.

First Day Q&A


Q: I always hear people saying that joining a ton of clubs is the best way to have a great college experience. Is it true or is it just a waste of my time?


A: During the first week of school, definitely go to all the club meetings you can. This is mainly because of the free food. There is pretty much a club for everything (even a light saber club), and almost all of them have free food during the first week. Chances are, you won’t join every club you go to a meeting for, but you’ll meet other freshmen doing the same thing. And hey, you might actually like one of the clubs.


Q: I’ve talked to my roommate online for a few months now, but we still don’t seem as close as some of the other pairs I’ve seen. Should I consider switching?


A: Don’t freak out if you and your roommate aren’t joined at the hip by the end of the first week. By getting to know them gradually, you will learn to respect each other’s space more and end up having a less pressured relationship. My freshman year roommates were planning on getting matching tattoos until one ate the others Wheat-O’s. Trust me, things could be weirder.


Q: I’m coming into Drexel as an athlete, but I also want to be involved in other things. Will I be able to spread my time out or am I just kidding myself?


A: If you make your life all about one thing, you might go crazy — especially at Drexel. That being said, if you don’t give yourself any downtime then school, athletics, clubs and fun might get the best of you. In short, if you’re passionate about something in addition to sports, go for it, but don’t crowd your life up too much.


Q: I’m an incoming freshman coming all the way to Philadelphia from California, and I don’t know anyone else coming into Drexel. Should I be worried about becoming “that loner” who eats by myself?


A: Absolutely not. The first few weeks of college is one of the only periods of time in your life where pretty much everyone around you feels just as awkward and unsure as you do. Most people don’t end up going to college with their best friends, and everyone is open to making new ones. Your RA makes sure to introduce everyone during the first week. Make sure to take advantage of it. Make as many connections as you can during this time and you’ll be just fine.


Q: Coming into college, I want to meet people and become involved, but I’m not particularly “good” at anything. I’m not that great at sports, I wouldn’t consider myself to be the frat-star type and I don’t necessarily want to do a ton of extra work for a club. Any suggestions?


A: As for making friends, see above. There may also be some clubs that don’t necessarily require that much effort, especially if you only hold the so coveted “member” position. The nice thing about Drexel is that if you actually don’t like anything that’s part of Drexel itself, you live in a huge city full of other people who like doing other things. Head to South Street or Old City, or even a block over to Penn’s campus. Find a job doing something you find really interesting. You’ll have money, something to put on your resume, and a community of people who like to do the same thing. You can also befriend them via four-to-eight-hour work shifts.