The Philadelphia Fashion District is still working to get onto the runway | The Triangle

The Philadelphia Fashion District is still working to get onto the runway

Center City has recently welcomed a new mall to the area, where you can  shop, see a movie, grab a bite to eat or go bowling, all within three blocks.

The Philadelphia Fashion District, located between 8th and 11th streets, comprises four levels. One of which has a direct connection to both Jefferson and 8th St. stations. All four levels are currently under construction, but that did not stop the mall from opening in late August. Several stores, such as Zumiez, Spencers, Ulta and the Nike Factory Store are open to the public.

Although many stores have yet to open, the advertisements are geared to be an interactive experience for the shoppers. Contest giveaways and elaborate artwork show exactly what each location will offer for the public when it opens and draws interest to future customers.

The mall also has several art installments throughout the building. A current display, titled “#StreetDept.” was created by Conrad Benner. The installment includes rotating Philadelphia-native street artists. Opening soon is “Off the Wall: American Art to Wear,” which will be available for viewing Nov. 10 through May 17.

The modern layout of the building is accompanied by a large touch screen directory, which allows a shopper to select what type of store or restaurant they are looking for. From there, the monitor gives directions on how to reach the desired store.

Rumour has it that Philadelphia natives are most excited about Forever 21 and Armani Exchange, which are opening soon along with numerous stores and restaurants.

Visit the Fashion District website to find your favorite spots: