Tech Tuesday – May 6, 2014 | The Triangle

Tech Tuesday – May 6, 2014

App Alert: Google Apps at Drexel

Only a short period of time after Microsoft released its Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications for the iPad, Google is following suit. Google now offers individual apps for Docs and Sheets, with Slides in the works in both the App Store and on Google Play. Instead of one single Google Drive application to access and edit your work, you will have three separate applications for each respective document type, similarly to Microsoft Office and iWork.

It is unclear at this time whether Google has added in additional functionality to the standalone applications that were previously inaccessible in the Drive application. Functionality such as adding a document or sharing it with collaborators, which is present in the desktop version of Google Apps, is not yet present in the mobile application. To download these free productivity applications, visit the Google Play store or App Store.

Regardless, Google’s productivity applications work impeccably well with Drexel’s free gLink accounts whether they are being used on a mobile device or a PC. To sign up for this resource, with which you can create your own Drexel Gmail account, store up to 6.8 GB of data and attach files up to 20 MB, visit These accounts allow you to keep school separate from your personal life and give access to collaborative editing software, instant messaging, calendar and an inbox that takes more than two weekends’ worth of Drexel announcements to fill up!

Smart Students: Huy Dang and Arsen Nikiforouk

Wrapping up their fourth year, juniors Huy Dang and Arsen Nikiforouk are using their technical talents for the greater good. Noticing the fundraising needs of charities and nonprofit organizations on a college campus, Dang and Nikiforouk developed an App Store-approved method of raising money at zero cost to those of us who identify as broke college students.

The two students created an iOS game called “Turtle Rock” that uses iAd to fund select charities that can be voted for on their website. “Turtle Rock,” a skill-based racing game rated for ages 4 and older. Using iAd, the team earns revenue that they donate to a specific charity. Should a player receive a Red Medal, which is earned by reaching 200 points, a donation of an additional $20 to a charity of the player’s choice will be made.

When asked how he imagines the future of the project, Nikiforouk replied, “I see this becoming a new way of funding charities that deserve to be funded.”

To learn more about the duo, vote on a charity and learn more about the app, visit their website at To download the free app from the App Store, visit

Working World: FreedomPop

Finding an Internet service provider in the city other than Comcast is about as easy as giving a cat a bath — it is both painful and practically impossible. Fortunately, FreedomPop is a cost-effective alternative for those looking for flexible and fast Internet and phone service with the purchase of one of FreedomPop’s network devices. Instead of spending countless hours at the library with the very reliable dragonfly3 network, you can connect to FreedomPop’s network in the comfort of your own home.

FreedomPop offers six different options for affordable hotspots, which are devices that allow you to create your own network. Safe and secure, FreedomPop’s hotspots can connect up to eight devices — such as your laptop, tablet, phone or television to name a few — at one time. Free broadband service (with a FreedomPop hotspot) is available up to 500 MB per month.

FreedomPop offers service packages starting for as little as nothing and one of their most expensive home internet plans ($14.99) is still only a fraction of $69.99 Comcast bill. While this may not be the best alternative if you play online games or stream at home, FreedomPop can supplement those times when you don’t want to use your Drexel email address to sign on to the drexelguest network.

With FreedomPop, there’s no more hassle trying to split the bills five different ways or arguments with Jill if she’s hogging all of the signal video chatting and you can’t catch up on “True Blood.” To sign up or get more information, visit

Maria Elena Marinelli is a junior information technology major and the assistant web production manager for The Triangle.