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New Saxbys opens in PISB

Saxbys opened its second student-run cafe on Drexel University’s main campus in the Papadakis Integrated Sciences Building at 3245 Chestnut St. June 27. To commemorate the opening, customers could pay what they wanted for cafe items instead of paying normal prices.

The money raised from the “pay-what-you-wish” event went to the Workshop School, a public high school located in West Philadelphia, whose students designed and built the furniture used in the cafe. Saxbys also matched 100 percent of all money raised.

CEO Nick Bayer said the opening celebrated the 14 students who helped from the Workshop School, as well as the 30 undergraduate Drexel students who will run the cafe through the Saxbys’ Experiential Learning Program.

“The students have blown us away. I still pinch myself when I look at all the work they’ve done,” Bayer said.

The event attracted many Drexel students and other community members, who expressed excitement toward the grand opening.

“Today was awesome and all of the food and drinks were delicious,” McCarry Papula, a dance major who attended the opening, said.

Many students praised its new location, which Bayer described as “the front door of campus.” This location is closer to many academic buildings on campus, compared to the other location at 65 N 34th Street.

“Usually students don’t want to walk a lot, so it’s in a good position. The other location is pretty far,” Nomalia Manna, a student studying business administration, said.

“I’m really excited because I don’t like walking to the other one. I’m happy they’re utilizing this space,” finance student Aydan Malkoc said.

It replaced Seasons, a former dining option.

Kim Hess, an environmental engineering student, is disappointed in Drexel’s decision to add another Saxbys.

“I liked Seasons more,” she said. “We already have a Saxbys on campus.”

Victoria Smith, a mechanical engineering student, agreed.

“They could have done something else with the space,” she said.

Casey Tene said she was surprised when she found out that Saxbys would be taking over the space because it is so close to the other location.

“I don’t know why we need two. We need another cheaper food place,” Tene said, suggesting an alternative like Wawa.

Other students, like teaching education major Hayden O’Rourke, wished that Saxbys would work with Drexel to eventually accept dining dollars.

Overall, Saxbys management foresees a hopeful future for the new cafe.

“It’s just incredible. We’ve had an amazing response. … We’re really proud of what we’ve done,” Greg Galiffa, the content manager of Saxbys, said.

Bayer said he will continuously support the dreams and visions of all the students involved.

He said, “I’m excited to see what future they build here.”