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Police investigate related robberies

After conducting an investigation, police now have a person of interest who they believe might be responsible for the two robberies that took place Sept. 23 in Powelton Village.

Three consecutive DrexelALERTs regarding the robberies, which occurred at the corner of 33rd and Pearl streets and on the 3700 block of Spring Garden Street, were sent to Drexel community members via email and text message shortly after Public Safety and police responded to the scenes.

Police believe that the person of interest, who was described as a bearded white male between the ages of 30 to 35 wearing a dark green jacket, is a homeless man who has been seen around the area.

Domenic Ceccanecchio, Drexel’s senior associate vice president of Public Safety, said there were luckily no injuries.

“We haven’t located this person yet, and because he is homeless we don’t even know if he is still in the area anymore,” Ceccanecchio said. “However, this won’t stop us from patrolling, and we have since increased our police patrols for that neighborhood especially.”

Ceccanecchio, who described the investigation as ongoing, said that detectives from the Philadelphia Police Southwest Detective Division are now handling the case.

“This is why we put out the alerts for students,” Ceccanecchio said. “We’re doing everything we can to make sure that Drexel students can feel safe.”

If you see someone whom you believe fits the description of the person of interest, call Drexel police immediately at 215-895-2222.