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Learning Terrace to open for finals week

Drexel University Libraries will hold a grand opening event June 3 at 9:30 p.m. for the newly constructed Library Learning Terrace at 33rd and Race streets, which will remain open for spring finals week.

The event is being planned with a twilight theme to emphasize the new space’s 24/7 availability as a study area for students, according to library marketing and events associate Jenny James Lee.

“In fitting with the twilight theme, the space will just be opening for the evening as most buildings and halls begin to close their doors,” Lee said. “Also fitting of the theme is the flexibility of the space. The term ‘twilight’ often refers to something not clearly defined, something that is still being developed, or an intermediate state. The Learning Terrace is not yet clearly defined. As student learners begin to use the space, their needs will determine the future of the space and what it may or may not house.”

The festivities leading up to the unveiling will begin at 9 p.m., with free food, prize giveaways and music from Drexel student Mike Mannix, among other activities. Five students in attendance at the event will be selected to have the honor of being the first to enter the facility. Everyone who comes will eventually have a chance to tour the space and share their opinions about it.


“The Library Learning Terrace is an exciting space. It’s a space where the furniture is designed to be adjusted to best fit student needs, including mobile marker boards and privacy screens,” Lee said. “During the event we’ll be asking for students to share their opinions of the new space, and I am excited to see what the reactions are.”

Lee gave credit to Undergraduate Student Government Association President Lucas Hippel for playing a major role in planning the event and bringing students’ ideas for the facility to fruition. Hippel said he was pleased with the action the University has taken in response to student demand for more study spaces on campus.

“The Learning Terrace is recognition by the University that there is a need for more space that students can congregate in to study and interact. Drexel is being proactive about addressing our needs, and I expect to see further efforts toward alleviating the library crowding that we have seen,” Hippel said.

Construction of the space began during the winter term after the University community had an opportunity to learn about its purpose and make suggestions for its design. Erdy McHenry Architects took the suggestions into consideration when planning the final design. This space will serve as a model while the University considers possibilities for adding similar spaces around campus in the coming years, according to a Feb. 25 University press release.