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Jimmy John’s relocates | The Triangle

Jimmy John’s relocates

The Jimmy John’s on 3233 Powelton Ave. has closed permanently.

According to Drexel Campus Services, another Jimmy John’s will be opening soon. The new Jimmy John’s will accept Dragon Dollars.

Drexel has recently leased more space to dining venues, such as Fuel, Chipotle, Blaze Pizza, another Old Nelson Food Co. and Co-Op.

But in 2016  many SodexoMagic-run locations that accepted Dining Dollars were shut down, like Vegetate, Seasons and the Market and Noodle Bar. The spaces formerly occupied by the last two remain empty.

In December, Drexel switched food service providers from Sodexo to Aramark. With this change came a new menu at the Handschumacher Dining Center and new stations at Urban Eatery. Nothing else has been overtly changed.

Currently, Drexel and SodexoMagic are in a legal battle after Sodexo sued Drexel for an alleged contract violation. Sodexo claims Drexel falsified enrollment information. Drexel has filed a counterclaim. There have been multiple health violations pertaining to dining locations owned by Drexel and near Drexel. The Hans, while managed by SodexoMagic, received more than 20 health violations in late 2015. Violations ranged from improper storage to mouse droppings in various locations in the dining hall.

Pizza Wings Steaks is a restaurant on the 3200 block of Powelton Avenue, and it received 18 health violations in December of 2016. Violations included the presence of mold and mouse droppings. After closing for a period of days, the vendor opened up again. When it reopened, it only had four health violations. The full health report can be found at