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Guide to Drexel student orgs

The Triangle Staff | Photo by Samuel Gregg | The Triangle

Drexel University’s campus becomes a hotspot early every September when all the incoming freshmen officially move into the City of Brotherly Love. Locations like the Mario statue, Race Lawn and Lancaster Walk are undoubtedly crowded with student-run events. This mid-sized campus is home to over 450 student organizations – so you can imagine how many times you will encounter a folding table surrounded by students with flyers in hand throughout the year.

Some student organizations are smaller, boasting just ten active members, while larger organizations are made up of hundreds of members. Whichever sized organization is your calling, here are the different categories of Drexel student-run organizations to join:

Academic, professional and honorary organizations

These types of organizations at Drexel focus on developing students’ knowledge in their academic studies and professional growth. You will find over 100 organizations to join that are academic, professional and/or honorary with a focus on a certain discipline. Examples of these organizations include:

  • Drexel American Marketing Association 
  • Drexel American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Drexel Business of Fashion
  • Drexel Consulting Group
  • Drexel Criminal Justice Society
  • Drexel CyberDragons
  • Drexel Game Developers Group
  • Drexel University Student Nurses Association
  • Drexel Women in Business
  • National Society of Black Engineers

Club sports

These organizations focus on physical activity and competitiveness. Many of these sports are not considered divisional but still require try-outs to join. To date, Drexel has over 30 different club sports teams, a few being:

  • Club Powerlifting
  • Club Swimming Team
  • Drexel Fencing Club
  • Drexel University Club Ski and Snowboard Competitive Team
  • Drexel University Paintball Club
  • Drexel University Tae Kwon Do Club
  • Drexel University Women’s Rugby Club

Performing arts and fine arts organizations

These types of organizations have a focus on performing and fine arts activities such as a capella, dance, animation and much more. With over 15 student organizations in this category, some examples of these groups include:

  • 8 to the Bar
  • Drexel Animation Group
  • Drexel Football Team (Improv Comedy)
  • Drexel K-Pop Club
  • Drexel Players

General interest

These types of organizations include any group that involves a student’s personal interest in an activity or subject. There are over 30 organizations to choose from in this category, some popular ones are:

  • Campus Activities Board
  • Dragon Climbers
  • Drexel Table Tennis Club
  • Drexel University Book Club
  • Drexel University Coffee Club
  • Drexel’s Mastering Cosmetics
  • The Good Idea Fund
  • Undergraduate Student Government Association
  • Weekend Warriors
  • WKDU Philadelphia 91.7FM

Identitybased student organizations

These types of organizations enable students to find a group they feel accepted and comfortable in. With over 70 different organizations in this category, these groups can range from academic to competitive depending on the discipline. Examples of some of these student organizations include:

  • Association of Latino Professionals For America
  • Drexel Asian Students Association
  • Dragon’s First
  • Drexel Dandiya
  • Drexel Indigenous Students of the Americas
  • Drexel Muslim Students Association
  • Drexel Students for Christ
  • Drexel Veterans Association
  • Japanese Undergraduate Student Association
  • Jewish Student Association
  • Queer Student Union

Community service, social action and political organizations

These types of organizations focus on enabling students to complete community service as well as educating students about various social issues, environmental issues and more. These organizations also have a positive impact on students’ professional development. With over 25 organizations under this umbrella, you can find groups like:

  • Active Minds at Drexel University
  • Drexel American Red Cross
  • Drexel Democrats
  • Drexel University Circle K
  • Drexel University College Republicans
  • Drexel University Emergency Medical Services
  • TechServ
  • Women’s Empowerment

Although many examples have been provided, there are still so many other Drexel student-run organizations left unmentioned. Students at Drexel are dedicated to pursuing their extracurricular activities and it truly shines through all over campus. To learn more about the organizations mentioned above and other groups, visit Drexel’s student organization and event portal, DragonLink.