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Guest Column: A Word from USGA

Ambition can’t wait. It’s kind of cheesy but certainly true of the Drexel students I have had the privilege of meeting during my five years here. During my junior year I joined the Undergraduate Student Government Association and still serve as a representative. Here is a brief look into my role in the organization.

At a high level, USGA serves as the official student voice to the Drexel administration. My specific role as a representative is to contribute to my class initiatives and USGA as a whole. The senior class plays an important role in the Senior Year Experience events such as the “Turn of the Tassel” event that over 300 seniors attended at the beginning of winter term. I also sit on the Academic Affairs Committee, which consistently gives input to the vice provost and other administrators to give feedback on anything related to academics, and the Student Organization Advisory Committee, which provides oversight to all student organizations and serves as a crucial player in the student organization recognition process.

Outside of committees, representatives and other USGA members can put forth initiatives. Proposed initiatives are discussed and voted on by the Joint Assembly, similar to real government, and then we take action. Since joining USGA almost two years ago, I have watched USGA grow to be more strategic about how we represent the student perspective. All initiatives and conversations we have with administrators are driven by the student voice. We gain insights from our own experiences, surveying students, and from students who come to USGA members to share their ideas. One impact that has come from collecting survey data is the recent changes to the campus dining program. Our data reflected students wanted the hours shifted and more freedom with their meal swipes. The USGA’s freshmen class set up meetings with administrators and were able to share the student voice to make several changes.

The people in USGA are not only driven and intelligent but also have become some of my best friends. These are people that not only make change but smile and have fun while navigating the nuances of Drexel. I joined to make an impact but have stayed because I love the people and the experiences. Members of USGA are passionate about making your Drexel Experience as amazing as can be. USGA elections are currently underway for next year, if I can give any advice as a graduating senior, it is to get involved in something on campus!