Drexel student gets hit by stray bullet on Independence Day | The Triangle

Drexel student gets hit by stray bullet on Independence Day

Drexel Park is an area often frequented by students. Tradicionally, many gather there during Fourth of July to watch the fireworks. This year, one of the students mysteriously got shot with a stray bullet (Photo courtesy of Jeannine Keefer on Flickr).

On the afternoon of July 5, Drexel students received an email about an aggravated assault by shooting. The incident happened to a Drexel student in Drexel Park while he was watching the Fourth of July fireworks.

The Triangle contacted the Drexel Police Department for more information.

According to the police report, the student was set up on a blanket with his girlfriend close to 32nd Street across from Pearl Street. Behind them, there was a crowd of people playing a disc-throwing game and a father that was setting off small fireworks for his children.

Around 9:20 p.m., the student heard a loud noise and instantly felt a pain in his arm that kept getting worse, the report said.

He initially thought it might have been parts of the fireworks set by the father, but he had already left the premises.

The student’s pain was increasing. He realized that his sleeve had been in a cone shape and was pulled in his arm. He walked to the closest Drexel police officer to show him what happened and a Drexel Sergeant drove the student to the Presbyterian Hospital.

There, he found out that he was struck by a .40 caliber bullet. After the bullet was removed from the student’s upper left bicep, he was treated and released.

Drexel Police confirmed that the Philadelphia Police had no reports of gunfire around the Drexel Park area. It is unknown where the bullet came from or who shot it.

The Drexel Park surrounding area was checked for evidence of a shooting and the results were negative. The Police did not receive any calls reporting any shooting in the immediate Drexel Park area.