Drexel and student organizations honor Black History Month virtually this February | The Triangle

Drexel and student organizations honor Black History Month virtually this February

Photograph courtesy of Spq29 at Wikimedia Commons.

February is Black History Month, and while there likely would have been more recognition in-person, plenty of engaging virtual events are taking place around Drexel. Drexel’s various schools, colleges, faculty and student organizations have created a calendar of programming for the entire month. Although February is quickly coming to a close, here’s a recap of what’s happened so far and what’s left to participate in!

One student organization that made its debut last November is the Center for Black Culture. Located in the Rush Building and partnering with the Lindy Center, the CBC intends to advocate for Black students, faculty and members of the West Philadelphia community. Intending to be a “hub of friendliness and community,” the center is a place where difficult yet necessary conversations can take place. Therefore, to celebrate Black History Month, the Center for Black Culture planned two events, including A West African Dance Class and a Virtual Kickback on Feb. 25.

The West African Dance Class took place on Wednesday, Feb. 17 and was hosted by Professor Antoinette Coward-Gilmore. This virtual class was open to everyone, and Coward-Gilmore taught various sequences and practiced with all participants. The intent was to have fun and learn about African heritage, all the while getting a workout in. While fun and light-hearted, the dances that were taught signified paying homage and giving respect to ancestors. This dance class serves as an introduction to the African Dance Technique I course Coward-Gilmore teaches.

Other upcoming events to celebrate during Black History Month include the weekly Tuesday Talks by the Center for Diversity and Inclusion. On Tuesday, Feb. 23, Dr. Veronica Carey will be hosting a talk with the theme “Diversity Is Understood, Inclusion Is Political” virtually.

Some other virtual festivities to note include a talk about “Navigating Predominantly White Spaces As a Black Scholar,” hosted by the Undergraduate Research and Enrichment Program on Feb. 23, and a Black Faculty and Professional Staff Association luncheon with Drexel’s President John Fry on Feb. 24.

To end the month, the College of Arts and Sciences will be holding a discussion titled “How The Pandemic Made Us Less Equal” with two prominent panelists. The event will touch on how COVID-19 has deepened inequalities in the Black and Latinx community.

While these are a snapshot of some of the events planned for the virtual celebration of Black History Month, be sure to continue checking with these organizations for ways to get involved.

For more information about Black History Month at Drexel, visit https://drexel.edu/oed/about/announcements/2021/February/black-history-month-events-2021/.