An update to non-profit Sharing Love’s food distribution in Philly | The Triangle

An update to non-profit Sharing Love’s food distribution in Philly

Two non-profits, The Sunday Love Project and Sharing Excess, have joined forces in Philadelphia to distribute meals to those in need. (Photograph courtesy of Victoria Wilson.)

In an update to last week’s article, Sharing Love continues to do more and expand during this pandemic.

The merger of two local non-profits — The Sunday Love Project and Sharing Excess — continues their meal site, offering hot meal services and grocery box takeaways twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 3 to 5 p.m. In the past weeks, they have counted with donations from Soy Cafe, Peewee’s Ice Cream, Sofresco Juices and ElMerkury, and they are expecting more and more future collaborations with local restaurants of the Greater Philadelphia Area.

In order to avoid crowding and maintain health measures, they will follow a system of reservations with 75 reservations online and 75 reservations on a walk-up system. Evan Ehlers, founder of Sharing Excess and Drexel alumnus, was able to clarify how they plan on doing that in an interview with The Triangle. They will utilize sidewalk queueing guides to maintain safe social distancing with food distribution directly from the building’s entrance.

“There is a stigma with organizations like ours on ‘that we only feed the homeless’ and, of course, we’re going to do anything to we serve people who need it the most; but our goal with this project is to kind of break the stigma around ‘free food’ and just be able to help anyone who needs a meal,” Ehlers said.

Their website,, is already live, and anyone interested in volunteering, donating or making a meal reservation can visit for more information.